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5 Facts why you should have a weight loss mindset

A healthy and positive mindset for weight loss is one of the most important elements to achieve success while losing them pounds

Weight loss mindsetIts all in the mind! The day we control our urges and begin to lead disciplined lifestyles half our health problems will disappear! The key to living a healthy life is a positive attitude, balanced diet and regular exercise – that simple!

An overweight body is a breeding ground for diseases and extreme unfitness. Doctors always recommend maintain body weight. People of all ages should guard on calorie intake. If they feel like they have increased weight, they should immediately take some effective actions to stop it. For this they need a losing weight mindset, to lose weight perfectly.

Globally there are many professionals and organizations that work for this righteous cause. May be it is their profession, but the sessions have also helped hundreds of people each day to win over the confidence to lose weight in a healthy and postive way.

Lets check TOP 5 Facts that will showcase the importance of the weight loss mindset

  1. Accelerates positivity: Weight loss mindset coaches are dedicated to inject lots of positive energy inside the clients with the help of educative sessions where they sit and talk on different aspects of weight loss and its importance.
    • Mind coaches are experts in psycho-analysis and fitness. By clubbing both the expertise, they are offering best solutions to the clients for years. To build up the positive attributes in the clients, they display various examples of people who have actually shed off several kilos.
    • Obese persons often suffer from severe depression and lack confidence, which is not good for them. Mentally, they become feeble. It is the responsibility of the mind coaches to incorporate lots of positive attributes inside the people who actually seek help.
  2. Increases inner strength to achieve the goal: Weight loss management programs are also great to build in inner strength to achieve the goals in front of the clients. They should never feel depressed and sad as they are fat rather they should foster a dream inside to shed of the excesskilos and look perfect.
    • It is a common example that during post pregnancy, most women increase weight. They become saggy. Instead of being depressed, they should think twice to get up and attend a mind coaching. Besides attending the gyms or hiring personal trainers, most of the top achievers have been intensely helped by the weight loss mindset. Without a positive outlook none can achieve any goal. Therefore, it is viable to increase the inner strength and achieve the aim.
  3. Focused:Being a Go Getter and the weight loss mentality must be the attitude of all who are looking forward to lose weight and be as thin as Jolie or Rihanna. Celebrities often help to make people focus. If someone is fan of a classic Holly star and wish to have the same body, they can do it. All they need is a positive mindset, a positive outlook and the confidence to achieve the goal inspire of all odds.
  4. mindset for weight lossWeight Loss Motivation: Weight loss management courses help people to achieve the motivation that is mandatory to lose excess weight.
  5. Dedication and a Promise: People, who are about to lose weight, should take it as a challenge. They must promise not to eat binge and high crabs when they are under the regime. Weight loss mindset in Sydney demands such dedication from the clients.

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The natural way to use essential oils for detox

People who have had the treatment with detox essential oils report that it is like being comforted or returning to the womb

Detox essential oilsAromatherapy uses plant-extracted essential oils. Many people wrongly believe that it is simply nice-smelling massage. In fact, aromatherapy is much, much more than this. It can become an essential part of your everyday life and, more specifically, an essential part of any detox program, arguably one of the best detox essential oils is Doterra Lemon essential oil.

Detox essential oils are absorbed into our bodies via the skin or the olfactory system (inhalation). The skin is a semi-permeable membrane and the transfer of the essential oil molecules through the skin into the bloodstream means that the effects can begin as soon as the oils are applied to the skin. They will continue as long as the oils are on the surface of the flesh.

Once in the bloodstream, the molecules will travel to the brain and trigger the necessary functions relevant to the specific detox oil used. (Initial doubt as to whether substances can be absorbed through the skin has been eliminated by the introduction of ‘patches’ for many conditions by the medical industry.)

When we inhale the detox essential oils fragrance the molecules travel inside the nostrils and reach the brain through the thin membranes in the nasal passages and the olfactory system.

Inhaling the oils is the quickest way to benefit from them. During an aromatherapy massage treatment the client is required to lie on a massage couch, either naked or in their underwear, covered in towels or blankets. The room should be warm and the practitioner should have a calm, relaxing approach. The treatment will usually last about an hour. You may feel drowsy after the session but a glass of water will soon remedy this.

How To Detox Your Body Naturally with detox essential oils

Colon cleansing is gaining a lot of credibility of late, as more and more people look to enhance their health and rejuvenate their bodies. A natural colon essential oils for cleansing products can help your body eliminate toxins and refresh your colon, and is a perfect companion to a healthy detox diet.

Natural Body Detox Tips – LaStone Therapy

LaStone therapy is a relatively new treatment, which is being used more and more as part of a body detox program, which based on extremely old foundations. LaStone therapy is massage using heated basalt stones and frozen marble stones. The treatment was invented by a lady called Mary Hannigan, in Tucson, Arizona. It combines thermotherapy (use of hot and cold) with spiritual and energy work, and leaves the client feeling balanced, grounded, renewed and positive.

The treatment itself is similar to massage and aromatherapy. You lie on a couch, covered in towels, and the practitioner uses long and short massage strokes to work over the body. However, in this case, the therapist has a hot or cold stone in their hand throughout the treatment.

Essential oils for detoxEssential detox oil can be incorporated into the treatment. Alternatively, the therapist will simply use a base oil to help the stones work across the flesh. People who have had the treatment report that it is like being comforted or returning to the womb. The small stones feel like lots of little hot-water bottles being tucked in against the skin, and the cool stones are refreshing and invigorating. It’s a treatment that’s really worth trying if you get the chance.

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There are many reasons why you should know how to start a network marketing business

More millionaires were created in the MLM  industry then in any other. There is always room for more MLM millionaires

MLM millionairesBeing successful in the MLM industry is no different then finding success in any other industry. To be successful in any business you need persistence and focus. To become a doctor or a lawyer years of schooling is needed, but a successful home business can be created within the first year with consistent action.

What reason would you have in starting an mlm business?

Figure out your reason and you will have found your goal for persevering along with the determination to face any business challenges is the key to learning how to start a network marketing business and be successful MLM Marketing business owner.

5 reasons for starting an mlm business?

  1. The majority of people do not like their current jobs.
  2. A lot of us would like more income or a better lifestyle.
  3. Be at home with the family more instead of at work the majority of the day.
  4. Enjoy retirement before it’s to late!
  5. The majority of our children spend most of their day in child care.

Here are some ideas that will help you starting an mlm business:

  1. Find a company that offers good, quality advertising resources such as a website, marketing tools, online meetings and more. You should be able to recruit members without spending a lot of money.
  2. Know all there is to know about your company, it’s products and comp plan. Knowledge about your business and company will help you with answering any questions from prospects.
  3. Get help from your sponsor, since it will only benefit them if you are successful.
  4. Once you find a good company, put together a plan, set some goals and then keep working your plan until you make progress.
  5. There are many lead sources available, make sure to test any leads before investing a lot of money. Leads are a great way to build your business.
  6. Before joining any company check to make sure they have been around for a while and that they are dependable. Your companies products should be well made and easy to promote.
  7. Avoid wasting your time and cash on advertising that brings in no results. Track your marketing campaigns so you know what is working.If it’s working, then keep it going!
  8. Get a few good people on your team and then help them do the same. Show them this concept. The sooner you get your team to understand this technique the quicker your business will grow.

Starting an mlm businessLastly, if you find something that works and show your team how to do it, then MLM success is not far behind.

Those who can successfully balance their work and family time will find that an MLM business can be very rewarding while also providing a much better lifestyle.

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How to make body lotion with essential oils

Lavender body cream is just one of many homemade lotion recipes that are easy from the comfort of your kitchen

How to make body lotionBody lotions and oils are great for the winter. Cold weather, indoor heat, hot showers all dry out skin and it’s great to have lotions or oils on hand to soothe skin. The problem is that natural chemical free and gluten free lotions are very expensive to buy. Also, a lot of the so-called natural body products still have some undesirable ingredients in them. Sometimes I am amazed at the lengthy list of ingredients and the number of ingredients that look like chemical names in products that say natural on the label. I have never found a lotion in the store that meets all my standards and also is a reasonable cost. This is why I decided to start making my own lotion. This is how to make body lotion:

Lavender homemade lotion recipes

  • 3/4 pure oil – olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, etc.
  • 3/4 cup distilled water
  • 2 tbsp shaved bees wax
  • 30 drops lavender essential oil
  • tea tree oil or grapefruit seed extract
  • glass mason jars to store lotion

Tools needed for making lotion

  • Blender
  • glass pyrex measuring cup
  • rubber spatula


  1. Sterilize all tools by using the dishwasher or boiling water.
  2. Pour the distilled water into the blender and set aside.
  3. Pour the oil or combination of oils into the glass measuring cup
  4. Shave off the bees wax with a knife or vegetable peeler (it usually comes in a block), measure and put into the measuring cup with the oil.
  5. Heat water in a pot and create a double boiler with the glass measuring cup to melt the bees wax into the oil.
  6. When the bees wax is melted remove the measuring cup from the double boiler and let sit for 2 minutes.
  7. Turn on the blender with the water already in it and slowly pour the oil into the blender creating an emulsion
  8. Once the oil and water are fully combined, add your essential oils for scent. (I like Young Living oils best)
  9. Add some tea tree oil or grapefruit seed extract to act as a preservative
  10. Blend until combined.
  11. Transfer into mason jars to store.

Homemade lotion recipesThis recipe has worked well for me and it makes 2-3 small jars of lotion. The lotion is very soothing and seems like a luxurious expensive creme which is why I love it. The lavender scent is also very calming. You can make changes to the recipe to get the lotion you like the best – change the different oils that you use or you can use herbal infused oil which adds a nice touch. One of my favourite infused oils is calendula infused oil – I use this to make diaper rash creme for my daughter which has worked great.

Do you know how to make body lotion? Do you have any tips or tricks to share? What are you favourite oils or herbs to use in lotions? If so, tell us all about it…….

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What are the best careers for moms who want to stay at home?

The typical stay at home mum jobs have changed, now she can create a successful online business from the comforts of her home.

Stay at home mum jobsThe availability of internet access and the use of personal computers in households have made it incredibly easy for everyone to find stay at home mum jobs and earn additional money for the family. In these financial times, it often takes two household incomes just to be able to survive. Mothers used to have to leave their children with nannies, babysitters, or childcare centres in order to be able to maintain an occupation. For a variety of reasons, this scenario wasn’t ideal for many mum’s. Many wanted to be able to enjoy the privilege and duty of raising their children but also wished to have the ability to bring in additional income each month. With a computer, internet connection, and a little guidance, stay at home mum’s across the country are able to do just that.

The best careers for moms have many benefits that allows her to work from home. The main one being able to fully dictate their work schedules. Mum’s can dedicate all day to their children, ensuring that they are raising them to be healthy, smart, and emotionally strong individuals. They can then spend time working on their online business once the children are put to bed.

Some stay at home mum jobs can be done throughout the day, whenever they have a few minutes to spare. That’s the convenience of an internet business. For the most part, it can function properly around anyone’s schedule.

The best jobs for moms is the key to online success

For the stay at home mum who is considering starting an internet business, the key to success is getting the proper education regarding the basics of internet marketing. This is especially true for mum’s with limited experience with the internet or business. Once the basics are understood, then the mum can decide on which of the many internet business models to follow. There is also a lot of internet marketing information that can be used in different ways. Getting the proper foundation of internet business knowledge will help mum’s make better decisions and take more appropriate actions. Without this initial training, the mum won’t know where to begin or be able to tell if she is succeeding or struggling.

Best careers for momsThere are dozens of high quality training programs that can help prepare stay at home mum’s for starting and running a lasting online business. Once mum’s get adequate amount of knowledge, they then need to take consistent action. This is the step that many mum’s fail to take. Knowing what to do is one thing. Doing it is quite another. Successful stay at home mum’s have the dedication and discipline to not only get the required internet marketing knowledge, but they also understand and practice the habit of taking the correct actions each day. Today’s mothers don’t need to make the difficult decision of choosing between staying home to raise children or going out to earn additional income. They can now stay at home with the children while making money from the convenience of their computers.

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Should we seriously believe that improved dental health outweighs fluoride dangers

Did you know that the fluoride side effects in our drinking water can be dangerous to your health?

Toothpaste without fluorideFluoride is commonly added to the water supplies of 60% of our cities to improve dental health. Some reports suggest that some of the fluoride dangers are directly linked to the increased rates of thyroid related disease. It doesn’t improve dental health instead it causes hypothyroidism, cancer and a host of other serious health problems.

Fluoride is a chemical element of the halogen group which also includes iodine and chlorine. It is commonly added to the water as a sodium fluoride to prevent cavities. It is also found in toothpaste, mouthwash and other dental products. In the early 1940s a group of researchers concluded that fluoride helps to fight tooth decay among children. Since then the use of fluoride in dental products became prevalent. Contrary to that, in recent research on fluoride side effects and effectiveness, a report from Dr John Yiamouyiannis concluded that fluoride is not effective at preventing tooth decay meaning that toothpaste without fluoride would have been enough to insure healthy teeth. Another research project in a different part of the world, in New Zealand, scientists concluded that teeth of children in non-fluoride water areas were slightly better than the children living in fluoride water areas!

Despite these findings, as well as, growing health concerns among people almost 60 percent of the US cities still fluoridate their water supplies.

In the USA most recent and controversial debate is about fluoride dangers in the water supply, a contaminated water to improve dental health. According to one government agency, fluoridated water has been considered to be one of the top achievements so what is all this fuss about?

Harmful Effects of Fluoride

Well, since late 2008 certain US townships started a trend to stop supplying fluoridated water. Since then the debate has opened up again. It is believed that excessive amount of fluoride in water can cause tooth fluorosis, weakness of bones and the cancer. There has been much discussion among government agencies to arrive at maximum limits and perhaps even agree on set amounts. This is a challenging task as to we can’t seem to agree on a specific amount. Public and government opinion are divided in this matter. There are some who are in favor of adding fluoride to water supply, and there are those who are against contaminating the water with fluoride. It is a highly controversial subject in the USA, and some states are more inclined to leave the matter untouched. Last month the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has launched an enquiry into the fluoride level in the water supply of Ohio City.

Fluoride side effects and facts

So what are a few of the facts regarding fluoride? According to the official toxicology handbook, Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products, fluoride is more toxic and poisonous than lead and just a little less toxic and poisonous than arsenic. It is a poison which accumulates in our bodies and especially the bones as it is consumed over the years. We read in the Physician’s Desk Reference, “in hypersensitive persons, fluorides can occasionally result in skin eruptions such as urticaria, eczema, and atopic dermatitis. These hypersensitive reactions will normally go all way immediately after stopping the use of fluoride.” Mayo Clinic researchers reported in the 1990, March 22 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine that treating osteoporosis with fluoride increase the rate of hip fractures and also bone fragility.

Procter and Gamble performed a study which revealed that an amount of fluoride only half the amount used in public water supplies resulted in a significant and sizeable increase in the occurrence of genetic damage. Epidemiology research performed in the middle of the 1970s by the now deceased Dr. Dean Burk, head of the cytochemistry department of the National Cancer Institute, showed that 10,000 or more cancer deaths linked to fluoridation occurred each year in the United States. Argonne National Laboratories confirmed in 1989 that fluoride has the ability to morph normal cells into cancer cells. In clinical studies performed by Battelle Research Institute in 1989 revealed that fluoride was causally linked to a rare type of liver cancer found in the mice, cancers and oral tumours in rats, and cancer of the bone in male rats. The New Jersey Department of Health has observed since 1991 that the occurrence of osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, was significantly elevated in young men who had been exposed to for dated water when compared to those who had not been exposed.

In addition to the thoroughly documented fluoride dangers and there toxic effect, even very slight dosages of 1 ppm, which can be found in water which has been artificially fluoridated, can inhibit and impede enzyme systems, make arthritis worse, contribute to soft tissue calcification and produce fluorosis of the teeth in children.

You may be surprised to learn that the most recent studies have failed to provide any proof that water fluoridation helps to reduce the incidence of tooth decay.

Fluoride side effectsGiven this scientific data, we must ask what is the motive force behind this campaign for universal fluoridation. Before 1945, fluoride dangers was accurately regarded as a pollutant to the environment. It brought about numerous lawsuits against industries, specifically the aluminium industry as well as the phosphate fertilizer industry, whose manufacturing waste products contain voluminous quantities of fluoride. The lawsuits resulted from the fact that these fluoride compounds killed farm animals and destroyed crops. These fluoride dangers waste products were then classified as dangerous environmental pollutants and classified as toxic waste.

In part, to avoid having to pay the high cost of disposing of toxic wastes, manufacturers embarked on an intense and cleverly formulated public relations campaign. As a result of this, the status of fluoride was changed from a toxic environmental pollutant to an essential nutrient vital in ensuring healthy teeth. The science was a very bad, but the public relations campaign was the best money could buy.

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Grapefruit weight loss essential oil is the natural solution

Grapefruit essential oil for weight loss helps towards burn fat, digestive, cardio & lymphatic health, and water retention hence a slimmer figure

Essential oil for weight lossThe hard reality is 2/3 of American adults are overweight or obese. This has lead a small percentage to take on the challenge of losing weight as a personal goal. Why should a person want to lose weight? The number 1 reason would be to not dead at an early age. Then the most common is sticking around for your kids or grandchildren. This should be one of the main motivations to get off the couch to start walking or light jogging around your neighbourhood. People have started using more essential oils for weight loss like lemon to lift their mood or peppermint to give them that energy boost they need to feel better during a workout.

Grapefruit essential oil uses towards weight loss

When I was sitting down eating lunch one day reading the San Antonio Newspaper there was a story about, Mark Cananles that lose over 100 pounds by walking, jogging and changing his natural diet. That is when I realize it is time for me to make a change in my life too. This was when I was introduce to essential oil for weight loss and lifelong vitality pack. Started using essential oil for weight loss it lead me to losing 25 pounds in 20 days. No kidding it has been amazing to see my life change for the better. I didn’t want to put myself at risk of having type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood cholesterol, or certain about cancer.

Grapefruit weight lossTaking medicine can be tricky sometimes; however, some medicines, such as steroids (drugs used to reduce swelling and etc. Some drugs for depression and other psychiatric disorders, may lead to weight gain. Ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist about the side effects of any medicines you are taking. This is why essential oil for weight loss loss like Grapefruit burn fat, digestive, cardio & lymphatic health, and water retention. Grapefruit aromatherapy for weight loss helps with chemical constituents such as Monterpenes up to 95%, d-Limonene (<92%), myrcene, a-pinene, sabinene, B-phellandrene, and there is much more that helps you with your overall health.

If you are interested in grapefruit essential oil for weight loss – click here or put your name and email address on the form at the top of the page and the enrolment instructions will be sent to you asap…..

There are so many geranium oil uses in the world of aromatherapy

Geranium essential oil uses vary from balancing effect to the mind and body,  skin conditions including eczema and acne and a anti-inflammatory to soothe piles

Geranium essential oil usesGeraniums originated in Africa and were introduced to many Southern European countries in the 17th century. Although there are now over 700 varieties of geranium there are only two that are mainly used in the production of aromatherapy oils. These are pelargonium graveolens and pelargonium odorantissimum.

The plant has long been known to have healing properties, it is known to have been used by the Egyptians to treat open wounds, bleeding and soothe the pain of fractured bones. In many European countries it has been traditional to grow it outside your home to make you safe from evil spirits.

Having a delicate floral smell similar to a rose, geranium oil uses include perfumery production and skin preparations.

The flowers, leaves and stalks are steam distilled to produce an essential oil which blends well with many other oils including basil, bergamot, fennel, cypress, eucalyptus, neroli, juniper, pine, ylang-ylang, patchouli, lavender, myrtle, rosemary and sandalwood making it one of the most versatile of oils, used for blending, that aromatherapists can use.

Geranium essential oil benefits

Geranium oil usesAs well as its delicate floral quality, which makes it sought after to produce many delicate fragrances, geranium essential oil benefits is renowned for its balancing effect on both mind and body and is widely used to ease tension, anxiety and other stress related conditions. A wide variety of skin conditions can benefit from the use of the oil which has the ability to stabilise the production of the skins natural oils. This makes it ideal for either dry or oily skin, easing bruising, burns, greasy hair and in the treatment of eczema and acne. Some respiratory infections such as coughs and catarrh are helped by using geranium essential oils and it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe piles

Having the ability to blend with many other oils, geranium essential oil uses is ideal for skin and hair treatment, for use in baths, as a massage oil, in perfumes and is ideal as a room fragrancer.

So, if you want to know more about Geranium essential oil benefits to your personal wellness –  Click here  or put your name and email address in the form on the top right hand side of this page and we will get back to you asap…..